Training In Two Weeks

My daughter is a transferee to her school now yet they found out that my daughter was once a swimmer. Mj stopped her training two years ago because she got too busy with her old school, projects, performance task and not to mention she got burn out too so she decided to stop being the athlete.

I decided to transfer her because of some reasons with the old school. She did not plan at all to go back but when her principal learned that she was once a swimmer. She requested her if she can join the swim event this coming school competition. She was hesitant at first but her principal did not stop and even asked me if I could help Mj decide. I asked Mj about it and finally she said yes just this month but with one condition she doesn’t want to go back in full swing. She will just join this competition and then nothing; she doesn’t want to join any other competition.

The inter school competition will be on October 2, I am not sure if her training is enough for her competition in two weeks but I just told her to enjoy and do not mind at all if she will win or not.


 photo 14370340_10210068037353580_1034532008142337684_n.jpg

Mj together with her coach

 photo 14355035_10210068037153575_3108422978564494568_n.jpg

Soon I will enroll myself in swimming, hopefully

Join the fun here.

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Help Them Building Their Dreams

Are you looking for headphones that suit your needs? Then I should recommend you the fostex t50rp, it has everything you need. The overall frequency is really good, since it has a very excellent quality diaphragm. It also has the highest level of inputs. So when you use it, you won’t get to hear static, you would enjoy the sounds when you are playing your own favorite instruments. And it is available in the Philippines, so get it for yourself or for your kids who are into playing music. Remember, you should not stop them with their dream, help them enhance and achieve it. And this studio headset can help them a lot building their dreams.

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Within The Budget For This National Park

If you are still in a vacation mood but doesn’t have much budget for it. Oh well you must consider this spot in the US.

You can take a look in Acadia National Park Maine – This Park acquires 47,000 acre Atlantic coast recreation area. The landscape has rocky beaches, and it has the highest point in the US if you want to see scoured granite peaks, you may have to check yourself the Cadillac Mountain. If you want to also see the wildlife, you can get to experience the moose, bears, whales and sea birds. If you want to have a little shop and want to taste very distinct foods, you came to the right place because the Acadia National Park has everything you want with just minimal cost.

The Address: Maine, United States.

Lobster and sea foods are the best one in National Park, great for hiking and scenery too!


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Guitars Are Missing In School

Just got home from my kids’ school, I took Faith’s violin to home since she is not playing with it anymore in school. The teacher said that Faith is more interested in Piano and not the Violin anymore, sigh if I only knew this, I could have not bought the violin last year but it is too late now.

Good thing I took the violin now because I heard from a teacher there that there were music equipment missing and most of them are guitars. On the other note, Mj is clear though because she don’t bring her guitar in school or leave it overnight. Oh she better take good care of it, otherwise I won’t grant her request for tc electronic nova system, she is asking me that so it would create a very amazing sounds when she played her guitar especially now that they will have a recital on December and I am so excited about it. Oh forgive me I am a Mom and I am always proud of Mj, actually both of them. Mj and Faith.

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