We Were Just There Chilling

After we ate dinner in Penongs, I and my high school classmates went to a bar where we can watch live bands. I was so culture shock since it has been a while that I haven’t been to a place like this but nevertheless I enjoyed it a lot especially when the band started playing. If my daughter was there I am sure she would ask the live band for her to try strumming the guitar, I wonder if they are using the breedlove at musiciansfriend.com because the guitar sounded so great. We enjoyed the night, less talk though because the area was so crowded and it is very noisy plus the loud music. Thus, we were just there relaxing and chilling.

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Almost Got The Job In A Cool-Chic Place

I was recommended by my cousin, she told me about the hiring and when they called me, I went there right away for an interview. The next day I was in a final interview. The first question is if I already resigned, and I answered “not yet” I was willing to get the job if they would hire me but I need to render a resignation letter and I can’t start right away, I need to render at least 2 weeks even though the requirement is one month. I am willing to risk my tenure-ship for them but they didn’t, they wanted my answer right there and then so I said I think about it.

I love the place, I was able to sneak a peek in the floor, it is so cool, and they have their music on and so loud. The whole place is just cool-chic. But I can’t be there, I can’t just leave my current job and disappear like a bubble. I can’t do that; this company hired me professionally so I should exit gracefully and diplomatically. I need to at least be fair to them.

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Not The Irresponsible Christian At All

Remember that I wrote about being so irresponsible by not taking the part of being a Christian, sacrifice my time to at least remember how GOD suffers a lot when he walked down to Calvary, sacrifice himself to save us from sins. I knew I had worked beforehand and have work afterwards, but I recalled how I was so committed with this task with my friends, my friends always doing this during Holy Week while I keep making an excuses not to do it I am busy and this time, I realized GOD just want us for a little time to remember, to recall what our Almighty did for us. And I am so thankful that my eldest daughter went with me, doing the Way of the Cross in Shrine.

Yes, it’s not the traditional one, like waking up in a wee hours to join the march but we can do our own march until the Station 14 and I was glad I did it.

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It was so scorching hot, summer is now really kicked in, good thing I have my pair of slippers in our car that I was able to use. The way is kind a hard because it is all the way uphill, what we had was just a bottle of water. We were sweating so hard when while climbing up. But it was so fulfilling, I beat my being irresponsible and decided to do my role as a Christian.

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Driving Here And There, Driving Back And Forth

I was too busy today, good thing that my car was fixed in one day last Thursday. Although the leaking from engine was not yet fix oh well, we will have it fix next month. But I noticed something, whenever I step over the accelerator; the car was like dragging, it will always take me a while to drive smoothly because I am struggling in the first and the second gear.

Moving forward, our team lunch was moved today, I thought I can’t join anymore since I have an appointment today. Yes, I was interviewed today with a prospect company recommended by my cousin. I accepted the interview since I am interested with non-voice account; I did not render yet my resignation. I needed to make sure that I have another job waiting for me to land to. I went to the mall to print my updated resume and went straight to the company. I had my initial interview right away but I need to settle the 2nd assessment, good thing they asked me if I would like to schedule it after lunch, I grabbed the opportunity and went straight to Lisa’s Resto at the beach. I drove fast so I can join the lunch. The place is so cozy; your appetite will boost more because it is near the beach. The place is best for chilling and relaxing with the food they prepared, you will get home so satisfied and full. After 30 minutes, I hit the road again, going to the office to do the 2nd assessment. We have to finish it in one hour and I did, I need to get home to fetch my kids for Kumon but sad to say I wasn’t able to do so, we are already so late. So I just stayed home and finish my online task.


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