During Holiday When Want To Travel

If you are traveling during holidays make sure that you have all the gifts sent ahead otherwise it might be inspected in the airport and there will be a chance that it will be unwrapped in the airport. So the beautiful and the effort to wrap your gifts will be wasted.

Do your research in the place where you wanted to go, know their holidays, events and the best spots to eat.

If you are staying for holidays, don’t just stay at home and do nothing. Search volunteer sites on the internet and offer a volunteer. In that way, you will not get bored at home instead what you are going to do is something worth your time.

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Field Trip Next Year

I attended the orientation with my kids and got too excited with one of their calendar activity because next month my kids will be going to a Field Trip. The elementary pupils will be going to Lantaw Bukid in Calinan on July 07, 2016 while the High School students will be going to Panabo Mangrove. They were able to show some pictures but I was not able to check it thoroughly, I was excited to tell it to my High School student,  I am sure she will enjoy it.

Mj is transferee, and I am worried that it will take her a while to cope up. She was nervous the day before the school starts but I hope she is okay now. I am also excited for her Grand Ball next year too!

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Top 8 Best Beaches To Surf In Australia

I always amazed with people who surfs, they are just so exciting to watch. They seem like their feeling the water so they can get to the top. Balancing is also very important so they won’t get tipped and fall down. They have to feel the water and the waves. Here in the Philippines, surfers always go to Mati, where the waves are very wild and high, just so perfect for the surfers. In the US you can see most surfers in the Miami Beach, Florida.

In Australia there are like 8 best beaches that surfers would love to surf.

North Coast in Angourie to Byron Bay, New South Wales

Noosa, Point Break Queensland

Snapper Rocks Queensland

Seal Rocks and Pacific Palms, New South Wales

Northern Beaches, New South Wales

Torquay, Bells Beach Victoria

Crescent Head, New South Wales

Margaret River – Yallingup and Prevelley Park, Western Australia

I know no surfers in our place, but my friend does since her boyfriend is a surfer. I hope I’ll be able to see surfers, surfing personally. It would be too awesome since it’ll be my first time then.


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Celebrating Somewhere

They said that when someone will go, somebody would come in to your life. That’s a statement from someone, and somehow it is true. I found friends at work, some were closed to me already but they resigned and right there and then we stopped seeing each other. It sad but I guess that’s life.

On the lighter note, when someone leaves expect someone would come along and will join you in your journey. I met someone at work, his name is Richard but we name him Amanda and obviously, I don’t have to explain further why, what happen and the reason behind that name.

Nevertheless, we became close and we have plans to travel soonest. We plan on going to Cebu and Bohol but the final booking should be last week and definitely we are already late for that. Now we are planning to go to Camiguin instead on the 2nd week of August. I guess this will be push through because we have few months yet to prepare and we don’t have book in advance besides I am sure that on that month my loan in RFC will be over. Yeah, it will be over and I want to unwind. I want to celebrate because finally I don’t have loan anymore, I don’t have to think where to get some money to pay. Don’t get me wrong, my husband sends me money to pay our loan in RFC but of course we have to sacrifice some leisure and on August here comes the celebration. I would make sure that even though we can’t travel as plan, I will have to go somewhere to mark my happy day.


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