Check Everything Before Getting It

Nowadays, it is best to have at least one or two credit cards than having cash in our wallet. It is convenient when you have something to buy in the mall, car dealers, or grocery.  Nevertheless, it is either also advantage to have these cards when you pay your bills as you can do it online or offline. However, you also have to cautious when spending because if you could not pay for it. It will definitely ruin your credit score. Remember it is best to at least maintain your reputation when it comes to credit score otherwise you cannot loan at all or worst, a collecting agency will come after you and you know so well how persuasive they can be, I am telling you it will ruin your life.

Applying for a credit card can be tricky as well; you need to check everything, the company’s background and the process. Because credit card processing can be so confusing so you need a guide for you to be able to choose what is best for you especially when you will start a business. We may be experts in some ways but it always be safe, convenient and best if you will be able to find someone who is professional and knowledgeable about it. I know it is not easy to find someone who knows everything about credit card processing or someone who can recommend you the best. Oh well, what about if you can check the best online and or check the reviews, you see you do not have to hire someone who can do it for you and pay extra, you can actually do it online. In credit card processing company reviews at Cube Reviews, you will find what you really need and you can trust that fits your monthly budget. Remember, it is best to check everything before you make a final decision so you will not regret in getting it.

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States That Warren’s Team Went To

So from Hannibal Missouri where Garnet turned into a zombie, which later Warren decided to shoot him in the head so to give him his final rest. The team now headed to Kansas, Western Kansas. The team stops at a saloon which was called the Fu-Bar, Warren needs time to gather herself and to mourn as well. She blamed Garnet for leaving her at Hannibal Missouri, she claimed that she depended on him and suddenly he left her with no choice. This time she doesn’t care at all. While she is on her down moment, the team joined a zombie shooting contest. 10K since he is the sharpshooter, I mean really the sharpshooter won the Barrett M82 rifle, which he decided to give to one of the opponents Brittany, who won the 2nd place. This time Murphy discovered something, his saliva furnishes an immune to the zombie virus. Thus, whoever he bites with won’t turn to a zombie at all.

So why Garnet was killed in Hannibal Missouri? Garnett found his former squad mate, Joe Williams. He was able to facilitate and provides shelter to those who are not infected. It was like a small community but a cult led by a former member named Jacob has been indoctrinating people to provide the zombies and give them the chance. They were kicked out from the shelter but 3 of the cult members gain access back to the shelter, they pretend that they will be renouncing the cult, later they know the cult overrun the compound. Garnett was killed by covering Murphy for a bullet from Jacob.

To avoid the Zunami, the team was forced to squat down low in Nebraska town. Meanwhile, Citizen Z encounters a cosmonaut or astronaut. Citizen Z thought that the astronaut was just there surprised of what happened to the earth. Later Citizen found out that the astronaut came to his place to decode something but revealed to be a figment of his oxygen-deprived imagination, Citizen Z is having an air supply failing!

This is just a continuation, will be posting more next time. I believe the season 5 is coming this month. Hope so!

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Couched Potato And The States In Z Nation

Just recently I was so hooked up with the series in Netflix.

But among the series I watched, I got more interested with the Z Nation. They have passed by a number of states to send Murphy to the CDC Lab in California, which they found out later that the laboratory is in the submarine.

What I got so interested and enjoyed was they have to stop some states and have their adventures there with of course the puppies and the kittens (zombies). In the first season from Camp Blue Sky, they en route to Sleepy Hollow New York. Supposedly, they expected to be airlifted Mt. Wilson Laboratory in Los Angeles but something happened in Camp Blue Sky that they need to go back for the remaining survivor, later they were in a truck after the Camp Blue Sky was overrun but the Zombies.

They traveled by land and soon they will run out of gas, so they need to stop by in New Jersey  to refuel. From New Jersey, they passed by Philadelphia. The team meets the group where Cassandra was with before they met her in New York, they later found out that Cassandra ran away from her group previously as she could not take anymore their way of living. Cassandra’s group became cannibals to survive, tricked some passersby as their victim. A human meat is their way to live.

Citizen C in North Pole is the one who monitors them to make sure that the package, which is Murphy will be deliver safe to the CDC Lab, informed the group to go to McLean Virginia, hoping the team can get an airlift for them to get to California right away but to their disappointment the place is already in Chaos including the General and there is no helicopter at all to  be able to fly.

Later, they went to Warren’s place, where she thinks that she left her husband in their hometown. But a huge tornado threatens the group. However, even though Warren had a hard time realizing everything, somehow through the tornado she was able to find a closure to her dead husband. After the tornado it’s time to move on from Hannibal Missouri to Western Kansas

These were 4 out of many states they were able to passed by just to get to CDC Lab, I will be posting more of them some other time. It’s time to hit the sack, hope to wake up early in the morning tomorrow for work. Yup 4 days to go and I am out!

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Preparing For Your Overland Trip

Overland excursions are exciting and fun. When you want to see a part of the country from an entirely different perspective, then you should take an overland excursion. Before you set out on your adventure, there are a few things you will need to make sure that you and your party are safe and the trip goes off as planned.

The Right Stuff

You should buy your overland gear and equipment from an experienced retailer who has a strong reputation for offering quality materials. The last thing you need is your food storage equipment giving out or your tents collapsing. Be sure to do plenty of research on product retailers and find one that is trustworthy enough to sell you the best equipment.

A Guide

If you do not get an experienced guide, then your party can easily get lost. No matter where you take your overland excursion, you want to be sure and hire a reputable guide to get you where you want to go. A good guide will also know all of the best spots to stop and make your excursion that much more fun.

First Aid Kit

A overland excursion can take you just about anywhere, and anything can happen when you are out exploring the wilds of any area. It is critically important that you always have a fully-stocked first aid kit with you that has fresh supplies and medicine in it for any potential need. This includes and special medication needs for guests who have conditions such as asthma or anything else that might make an excursion a little more challenging. It also helps if your guide or someone in your group has first aid experience.

Overland excursions are great ways to get close to nature and really experience what an area has to offer. Before you head out on your adventure, you should make sure that you have all of the important gear and pieces you need to make sure that your trip is filled with fun and lasting memories.

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