Groupon Coupons Valuable Assets For Us

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Saving money is very important to us.  We live on a fixed budget without much flexibility.  Most of our money goes to day to day necessities and paying our bills.  So any time we have a chance to save money we do it.  We do our best to take advantage of sales, coupons and any other kind of discounts we can to stretch our budget.

We have two daughters in school and we always put them first when it comes to their needs.  That’s why things like Groupon Coupons, are a valuable asset when planning a purchase.  School will be starting here soon so it’s time for us to start getting what our girls need.  From pencils to computers we can find a Groupon Coupon to help us save money.

We were surprised to learn about some of the items we can save money on, everything from auto parts, household appliances, to travel can be had by using a Groupon Coupon.

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I was not really a big coupon user before, clipping coupons from newspapers and magazines just seemed to be too time consuming.  About the only coupons we used before we’re those that came in the mail or we by the item we wanted to purchase in the place we were shopping.  Now all we have to do is go on the internet and find what we need from such great places as Khols, Neiman Marcus, or products like Nike, travel like Hotwire or American Airlines.  It makes us much easier for us to save.

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Field Trip In Latagaw Calinan

This is an overdue post since my kids had their field trip last month. Faith has her field trip on July 7th and Mj was on July 8th. Mj and Faith is on the same school already but even they are in the same school, both have different venues for their field trip. Faith went to Latagaw in Calinan, where they saw different kinds of animals. They were taught how to take good care of them and they taught also how to farm since the place is also filled with different kinds of plants.

 photo IMG_0020.jpg

 photo IMG_0021_1.jpg

Faith was very excited, she kept on telling me that I should let her go because it is compulsory and it’s one of their performance task without joining field trip she sure will have a failed remarks .

 photo 9aa03ab6-8c18-4b1a-842c-9ad6b1638ce2.jpg

Faith was the one given the responsibility to hold the banner but later she was replaced by her classmate because she keeps on waving it already and the teachers were afraid for Faith to hit one of her schoolmates.

 photo 700ddfc0-51a1-48ec-8d81-fffb2fccfc15.jpg

Kids in the farm

 photo 4d0f7595-9e9b-4f44-8a20-f504482ca722.jpg

Faith keeps on asking question about how to feed the animals, why is the other pig was separated by the other group of pigs. Why there are many trees around and the like. Good thing the one who tour them around was patiently answering my youngest daughter question. Some questions were out of the blue but if you will analyze the question, it is somehow related to their exposure.

My sister said that there were many mosquitoes around, I mean what do you expect to a farm right? Mosquitoes are somewhat cannot be avoided, good thing their principal kept on putting some mosquitoes repellent to the pupils. Thank GOD students were spared by the so called Dengue Fever.

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You Can Make It Happen This Year

Packing up and heading out to the same old boring vacation destination can seem more like work than it is worth. Would you like to infuse a little excitement this year and take the family on a vacation they will never forget? An all-inclusive resort vacation to spots as exotic as Mexico and the Caribbean are only a few mouse clicks away. Below are a few of the destinations you can make happen this year.


The entire family can enjoy the pristine beaches, sparkling blue waters or check out the gorgeous waterfall at what is locally known as the “blue hole.” Take a walk through a natural rainforest or seek out the legendary Luminous Lagoon. There is so much to explore and experience in this land of enchantment from brilliant sunrise to tranquil sunsets. An all inclusive family vacation to Jamaica is more affordable than you think.


Destinations like Cozumel will allow your family to get up close and personal with stingrays by taking a guided tour of Stingray Beach. You can even snorkel and frolic in the warm waters, or sunbathe on the white sand beaches. An all inclusive family package means you never have to worry about accommodations, food or having plenty to do. An area like Cancun allows the entire family to have a great time. The kids will have plenty to occupy their time while the parents take a moment or two to reconnect on a romantic level. You will fall in love all over again.

Dominican Republic

This gem of a country set off in the Caribbean is a land of stark contrasts and plenty to do from sun-up to sun-down. The white sand beaches give way to towering rock cliffs, jungles, rainforests and lagoons. There are a lot of trails to hike and bike, which allows you to explore the natural beauty that abounds. The multinational cuisine, endless activities and historic architecture make it a spot that the entire family will enjoy.

Get out of your vacation rut and contact an agency like and take advantage of huge savings for all inclusive family resort packages. This will be the vacation everybody remembers.

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La Isla Bonita Price And Cost

I was task by the team to inquire for the resort that we will go for team building next month. Last Wednesday, since it is our rest day, I have the chance to give the resort a call. It is okay to search online regarding the resort and check for the costs, it is convenient since it is just a click away but for me it is more pertinent if we were able to talk to a person to ask question. For me it is well situated, you can rely that your inquiry is much more updated. No wonder many of our customers still want to process a payment with us than making a payment through online. We recommend trying online though since they don’t have to process a convenience fee, they still choose to talk to us, they said they can trust more if they can verify the payment to a live representative.

On the other hand, we choose the La Isla Bonita this time for our team building. I inquire the transportation and how much would it cost us to do it by land or by charter boat.

Going there, we have to take a commercial boat going to Isla Reta. The fare is P80.00, from Isla Reta we can take their van which cost us P70.00 going to Isla Bonita, while if we will take the charter boat it will cost us P 200.00 straight to the resort itself.

The entrance fee of the resort overnight is P 140.00. Open cottage is P 400.00

If you would like to rent their tent, here are the prices.

For 2 people it will cost P 200.00

For 4 people it will cost P 400.00

For 6 people it will cost P 600.00

There you go; I will have to post a picture of the resort next time.


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