Where To Next?

It is fun and adventurous to travel with your best friend but there are times, I mean most of the time, the fun of traveling will be ruin because of a certain thing that would blame the other. So if you have the same travel and or photography interest with your best friend, create a planner.

If you are in a place, plan the tourist spots that you would both to visit so you will not end up together blaming each  other because the time was not enough at all. Or it was wasted because the other plan was window shopping and you want to explore a certain place. Follow the planner, other things can be done when the time is right so you will be able to enjoy the travel and can explore all the spots you want to visit. Avoid blaming if there were unavoidable circumstances instead own up the mistake by a group, just be cool and relax. Remember, you should enjoy the trip and just ignore the mishaps, just laugh of the mistakes and I am sure everything will be in places.



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Just yesterday, as early as 12 noon I was already in the venue to be the first in line if in case they will not follow the seating arrangement base on the ticket. I sent a text message to Mariel and informed her that I was already in SMX convention center preparing myself for Jadine’s Concert. And since it seemed like she will be coming late, I ate lunch first and right after I went to the convention center again to buy a ticket for Mariel, I bought her the Bronze ticket cost P 600.00, I know that the Bronze will be too far away from the stage already and its free seating so they actually don’t have the seating arrangement but since my niece really want to watch the concert it doesn’t matter anymore if she is too far away from the stage.

The concert started at 8 in the evening but we were already near the entrance at 4 in the afternoon. At 6 in the evening I can hear Nadine’s and Jame’s voice already, everyone screamed as soon as the door will be slightly open just to have a glimpse on them. The guard on the first door was sneaking, he would open the door slight for the fans to see them on their rehearsal but the guard who was assigned for us did not gave us a chance to at least see them even just a glimpse, he always told me they are not allowed to do that even I was begging and making a promise not to scream, he would open it if someone would like to pass by from inside, but it was just a split of seconds and too bad I don’t have a good eyesight. LOL

Everyone was excited and was overwhelmed for the concert to start. Everyone screamed when they see them but me I felt like I was choking, I could not screamed even just to say a word, I was mesmerized when I saw them in real! Even though I was a bit far from the stage, it was all worth it, I was able to witness them perform and for me it’s perfect. There are times that I could not click the video setting of my phone or my ipad because I don’t want to miss them perform or shall I say I could not move, my jaw dropped when they danced, they were absolutely awesome.

#JadineInLoveInDavao was beyond perfect. How I wish someday I could meet them, my ticket was only the platinum so I didn’t have the chance to have a picture with them. I hope someday I can see them near, I hope someday I can at least say hi to Nadine and will tell James to take care of her. How I wish they will end up together, forever and always.


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Back To Being A Member

It has been a year already that I gave up being a member in Global Pinoy, since I could not meet their requirements. One of their requirements is to submit a Passport or Visa from my husband, which I could not send in because he is not here and he seems, could not make a copy at all and I don’t know why? But recently when I went there to get my husband wired for us, I asked the in-charge again of the requirements if they really needed the Passport or Visa of my husband, they said they no longer needed it and all I have to do is to surrender my old Global Pinoy card and I’ll just present my ID then that’s it. I am a member again.

 photo 576dd74b-ac3b-42b8-ae3f-889fe1a980ae.jpg

This is their new ID, it’s too green, seems like it reflects to the environment because of its color and I like it. 

I could not contain my happiness when I became a member again, now I have some place to stay whenever I need to wait for my kids especially during Friday since I have to wait for them in the pool.

 photo 14724505_10210265967781717_6542915497920954431_n.jpg

To renew the card, you have to pay P 150.00 for 1 year membership instead of 2 years.

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Santorini It Is

And since I am too engrossed with watching the series of Jadine entitled ‘Till I Met You’ in Greece. I am also getting curious of what the place can offer, especially they are capturing the most visited spot and one of them is the Santorini. Santorini is one of one of the best formation of Cyclades in Aegean Sea. Cyclades pertaining to an island forming a circle and obviously as you see Santorini has the best view of what Cyclades is. The Cylades formation in Santorini was destroyed by volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC leads to rugged landscape formation. Santorini has two principal towns Fira and Oia, the first one is it cling to the cliff above and one is underwater crater. The towns are overlooking to the sea and on the west lie the small houses. Their beaches are made up of white lava pebbles, red and black.

More info here of Santorini: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santorini

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