It Can’t Just Ruin Your Health

And so I will be in training for 3 months and they already started the gimmick in the team. Last Friday, after the shift the whole team agreed to have a get together. We went out to KTV, of course there were drinks and liquors but I did not drink. I made a promised to myself not to do such again, like drink and get too drunk. I went there to have fun with singing but with them who are a little bit tipsy already, it is hard to get a hold for the microphone at all. Either the mic was taken away from you or the song will be deleted. So I didn’t have the chance to sing. Nonetheless, I still have fun, looking at them got a bit wasted. I can still remember when I got wasted, it was not nice to look at because they are all making fun of you right after. So I made a promise not to do it again, never again. It can ruin your health and not only that but also your reputation.

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The Moon In The Eclipse

I wanted to capture the eclipse that happens just this month but sad to say that it was not visible here in the Philippines. So I thought I could not share anything here, I could not also grab some pictures in FB without asking permission and I am too shy. Good thing though that a friend from Texas shared me the picture that he took on that night and it was just so perfect. I asked him if I could post it in my blog and he said yes. Thanks Bro!

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Climate in Roswell

Since I was hooked up with Roswell series recently, I got also interested with how Roswell looks like, their weather or what are the tourist spots that everyone might get interested. Roswell is located southeastern New Mexico. Roswell has a total area of 29.9 square miles, the 29.8 square miles is land and the rest is covered by water.

The Roswell location is  in high plains that means to say since they are in high plains snowfall is a common occurrence, even though snowfall is a common sight, Roswell is usually sunny. Spring is usually warm but can still be cold in some occasion. Summers are hot as expected since they are in high plains. The temperature would always go with 100 F, which is not good. Monsoon usually occurs during summer and can possibly bring relentless downpours. Roswell also experienced thunderstorms and hail and even tornadoes. Roswell would always be thankful if they have rains, not the thunderstorm or hail though. It gives a cooling relief from dreadful heat of the desert. If you are looking for snow, you might want to visit during October and November as there is a big chance for snowfall.

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Chasing Jeepneys

Yes we are chasing Jeepneys every morning; it has been weeks already that our situation is like chasing Jeepneys. I blamed for the construction going on but that’s the only way to have fully concrete road so they are exempted but really it is hard especially if you have a kid you need to attend to every morning while you are looking for a Jeepney.

There was one time that Faith even surprisingly scream saying “Run for your lives” while we were running to the Jeepney. When we were able to finally sit down,   all the passengers were laughing at us. It is advantage to have a car to take you to everywhere but our car is not fix yet.  And besides we will not be using that anymore, I am planning to repaint it so we can sell it. The earning will be fixing the house or getting a new car, I am not sure.


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