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Who would not feel that freaking cold?

Thank GOD that the 1and1 already responded my request. Although it took them a while to change my status and the name server ready, I guess they still deserve an acknowledgement for a job well done. Their agents are so friendly as well, mind you they are allowed to speak in a vernacular so it was not hard for me to tell them what I want to impose in my account. Unlike with the company I worked for before even though our customer or the technician on the other line wanted us to speak in vernacular we are still not allowed to do that, unless the customer would really insist. We are also not allowed to tell where we were, we supposed to give them the location of the project. So when the customer asked us if it is freaking cold in our location, we just head up and look at the air condition in the area and would tell it is really so cold, obviously because the air con was set in the highest volume. Who would not be freaking cold?


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