They were not pulling up, what’s wrong?

I was just done watching the movie from the DVD I bought yesterday, when suddenly I got a news from my friend in Facebook that my Mary Anne’s Musing is not pulling up, my friend could not see my blog! I check it and yes it’s nowhere to be found, what makes it worst was all my blogs, which are under blogger are not viewable. I immediately logged in and it asked me of my telephone number so they could send me a code. After I encoded the code they gave me, I was so surprised when I can’t see my blogs. I was really shaking I could not even typed properly. I paused in a minute, I prayed so hard that if I would refresh the page, my blogs are there as it has never been touched. I nearly cried this time; thank GOD that after a while of staring blankly in my computer, I decided to give it a try one more time. I refresh it and viola! It was there, I was relieved. I instantly messaged my friend to check if she could open my blog then she replied. Yes, just this time!

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