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To Avoid Accidents and Fire

It is a big no no for the kids to play match or candle; it has been the common cause why a house got on fire. Just like what happen in one of the village here in our place. It said that the kids were playing match, then all a sudden it caught in the curtain or some sort and it was too late for the mother to put the fire off. Of course, more than ever, she would save first her kids and not the house. She was still thankful that no one is hurt even though their house is gone.

To all the Moms out there, place all the matches and the candle in a higher place that a child could not reach. Do not let the kids especially the toddler approach or get near the stove when you are cooking to avoid accidents. Unplug the cable always from the main switch at night or when you go out because sometimes the switch would sparkle, which will cause a fire too.


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