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Computer and Battery

The only laptop that doesn’t have a battery damaged is my ACER mini laptop since after I charged it; we immediately took the charger off from the main switch. With my HP and my DELL, the battery did not survive because the plug is always hooked up in the outlet even the computer is already shut down. I know that was bad but I just learned it recently that the charger must be unplug when the battery is already full. It is too late for me now because my battery does not function well anymore.

On the other note, I just read it from yahoo the importance of shutting down, hibernating and sleep mode. It says it is not right when you open your computer many times in a day then shut it down again, it would be best if you turn the sleep mode on when you are away for like a couple of hours and then gets back to work in your computer again.  The hibernating is okay but it is the same as shutting down the machine plus it would load much longer as well. Sleep mode requires more power but it boots up faster than you hibernate your machine the same as when you shut it off.

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