Soon, you would say the same word I had

It is so hard when you know that the father of your baby has his own family already, and when you know it you are already pregnant. I know the feeling of what if you can’t be able to support your baby financially but with your determination and doing the budget right, you will be able to cope up the financing terms without getting any help from him. You might think that you can’t do it but I know and I am sure you can. I had been in that situation before and the heck I couldn’t believe I made it. Just concentrate in your work, be good and be impressive with all your bosses and colleagues so you will not get in trouble. You have to make friends with everyone so you will be able to stay longer in your work; even you may not like the people around you but just try loving the atmosphere and everything will follow. I know this one is hard but exert more effort to forget him and not to ask any support from him since he doesn’t have the initiative anyway don’t push him so he would realized his greatest mistake, preserve yourself and be strong if ever you would see him in the street together with his wife. It will not be an easy journey but once you would overcome this, I am sure I would see a glimpse of smile in your face, then you would say the same word I had, I finally made it.

This message goes to the person I know.


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