Why some people that when they did something that is not good, they would throw the blame to the other people. Why won’t they just admit that it was their fault, the reason for the commotions and the issues.

I have known somebody who got an issue before, he even lost his job because of it. Yet, after paying it for so many years and he is back on service, he is still doing the same thing again. And when someone caught him of that issue, he would do all the things just to deny and would say he is not that kind of person. He even has the guts to say all the lies just to ruin that person who has caught him of his true intentions.

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  1. Hyanne says:

    Kasi hindi nila alam ang mali nilang ginawa Ate Anne, ang alam nila tama sila. BTW, check this header or this one di ko pa nplitan ng kulay

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