Thank you Ryheanne

I just would like to thank Ryheanne of Anything and Everything for being so generous of giving me a header for this blog. I just noticed the message this morning since I fell asleep last night, unintentionally, my computer was not even shut off and was on overnight because I really tend to go back online after I sent back F to her bed but oh well, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get up and do some task here online. On the other note, it was all worth it, because I really need to rest from a very hectic day yesterday.

Once again, I really thank you Ryheanne for the lovely header, look! I just used it.

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  1. Hyanne says:

    Haha no problem Ate, pero your welcome na rin. Hehe, I already replied to your message on my blog when I read it yesterday (April 13 na d2) ngaun lang ako nagkatime mgblog hop eh. Inupdate ko lang yong old header mo, hehehe so walang kaso. Thank you din 🙂

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