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Congratulations again DJ!

A son of our friend won gold from their competition in DAVRAA; if his tummy was not upset he might win more medals from the said competition. We were not able to watch because of some circumstances, aside from its destination, I don’t want to make any commotions when his coach and I see each other. As long as I can I just don’t like to see him, my friends even invited me to go with them to go to other pool to mess up his day, and I declined. I mean why I should go there when this person will just remind me of those things, I rather not to talk here. Most often than not, it will just create more issues and such. I just let GOD teach him a lesson and I hope he will learn from it.

On the other note, I will just make friends with those friends who want to befriend me. And greet our dear friend DJ congratulations!

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