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Just Follow Your Heart

I knew someone who is in a dilemma right now; and I hope this advised could lead you to the better way, I know it is not easy to belong and to wed with somebody whom you do not love. But because that’s the only way to be with him, you just force to bond a knot with his friend. Now when the papers have to fixed to be with him, a problem went out because the one you wed has a problem and he could not show up to sign all the papers because if he did he might get caught. The person whom you love could not marry you because his ex-wife does not want a divorce so you are both trapped, although he does not live with her anymore but the thought that he is married and is not divorce could hinder you to be with him.


Now another person shows up, and willing to be with you forever but you can’t because you love the other one more than you love this person, plus you have kids to attend to and you are not sure if this person who just came up will be willing to claim all the expenses you have now. I don’t have the position to advise because I am also get confused and lost with your situation but I want you to follow your heart if you are happy with this person, be fair to the other person. Money is not important because it could not buy you happiness that you ever longed for. I know some would say be practical but if you believe that this person will love you and your kids with no ifs and buts, like taking all of you and getting it as the whole package. I guess he is the one for you.