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Thankful Thursday # 2: During My Down Moments

I am an orphan since I was only 9 years old.


It was indeed so hard for having no parents around, no Dad would take care of you when you are sick and no Mom would spoil you to shop you, dresses But even so, GOD never leaves me in my journey. When my Dad died, I was sent to my uncle who is the brother of my father. His wife was mean to me but then I was able to be independent and was able to know how to count money since they had a store back then and I always was the in-charge. When I could no longer bear it, I prayed to GOD that my sister would somehow take me from their care, during summer my oldest sister arrived and took me. I know they missed me so much, my second oldest sister cried so hard when she saw me coming to our house.


During college, when my sisters could no longer support me of my studies. I took a scholar examination at the school I want to enroll for; luckily I passed the exam and the interview. So my tuition fees were free from first year until I finished college. It was a not so easy journey but I was able to manage it, you see during my down moments and hardships in life GOD is always there, we may never noticed him but he was there carrying our burden for us.