Files From Your Friendster To Your Hard Drive

I was a member of Friendster before but when Multiply was introduced to me, I suddenly switched and most active in Multiply then although I still add some pictures in Friendster sometimes especially during team building because most of my colleagues are Friendster users and not a Multiply members.

When I heard that Friendster got some virus and sometimes tends to get slow, I then tried the Facebook but same as Friendster, I am still not that active, I just peeked in then leave.

But even though I am no longer active in Friendster or peeking in, it saddened me to know that Friendster will do some changes, there will be no pictures and blogs instead the site would be more on games and music. So if you happen to have a Friendster account, you have one month or more to  export all your files in your hard drive and save there, or if you have a multiply and flicker account, you can transfer all the pictures you uploaded in Friendster.

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