Blue Monday # 6: Cosplay

We went to the mall to talk supposedly about the venue of a pool so to hold the kids training. While waiting for the other Mom to arrive, we went inside the entertainment area to check their displays for the Mindanao Toys Convention. We found out that the in-charge or the sales force wears cosplay, they imitated some anime’s in the TV, we saw someone’s wearing sailor moon attire out there. I just don’t have any idea what or which they imitated with this picture below.

One of them wears blue thus this would be my entry for:

Smiling Sally

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3 Responses to “Blue Monday # 6: Cosplay”

  1. Sally says:

    I love that blue!

    Happy Blue Monday, Anne.

  2. imriz says:

    i’m sure those who love cosplay would know who the girls are playing:)

    i have another entry. take a peek when u have time, anne.

    thanks.btw, followed u here:)

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