Huge Expenses After Summer

I didn’t expect that the enrollment of F would reach up to 6,000 pesos.

When I asked the teacher whose son is the schoolmate of Jm, she told me that the enrollment alone at my daughter’s school would reach up to 13,000 pesos.

Once my husband would know about the upcoming expenses, I am sure he would work hard for it but I feel so pity of him, he has been cutting out his expenses just to support us here. I know his hard work for us, and I always thank him for supporting us even we’re miles and miles apart.

How I wish I have enough earnings from my blogging this month, so I won’t ask my husband for pocket money once we go to Manila on June. I just withdraw my earnings at the bank yesterday and I used that for my driving lessons enrollment including the student permit. I bought one whole chicken today at the mall, medicines for Jm, I supposed to send Jm to her ENT due for her runny nose, but we were not able to catch his ENT on his office, so I have to postpone the appointment by tomorrow. I am not sure anymore where will I get the money for check up maybe I have to use the remaining amount I have in my bank for the meantime so I could pursue with ENT’s appointment by tomorrow. Sigh when summer would end; expect to face very huge expenses for enrollment, school supplies etc, etc.

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