No Wonder

What if out of the blue, the person whom you didn’t expect to see would pop out from nowhere? Let’s say in FB or any networking sites, what would you feel?

I was just having that thought lately as I don’t get friends with my exes. I mean, oh well after the break ups I don’t have any whereabouts at all, I mean why should I know what they are doing or get busy with right now, when the breakups hurt me enough to hate them. LOL

I saluted to those women who were able to befriend with their past boyfriends though as if nothing happens. But for me once we are done, we are done. I will not gonna see you even the pains are gone already, I will  treat you as stranger and even you call my name, never would I glance at you. That’s my principle, so no wonder I didn’t get to see them.

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