Blind Item

Who is this celebrity young boy who just came into this country to have a concert and didn’t show up some manners? Geez if I am the Mom of this boy, (mabunalan man kaya nakog dos por dos).

Anyway, if you are a public figure, you should know the risk before you were able to engage with that kind of business. Even you are so dreadfully tired or you just got up from your bed, you don’t have the right to be mean to your supporters because once and for all they are the one who made you so famous. GRRR!

The man who just wanted an autograph from him was not even paparazzi, and if he is really so exhausted with the trip why didn’t he just wave or said hi instead of pushing the man away. I am really no to him, so bratty and mean.

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  1. Hyanne says:

    Da, Justin Bieber yan Ate Anne, haha.. caught on video.

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