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There’s only one that I heard a grandchild calling her not Lola but Lalli, it sound’s cute isn’t it? Lalli is always making sure that her grandsons are safe for her grandsons; she is the most wonderful grandma in the whole world. Whenever, she would attend her two grandsons, I feel so empty as my Mother took away from us when I was just a little, Mj and Faith could not experience to have a Lalli anymore, if only my Mom is here, she would might be also the most kind grandma in the whole universe.

Lola, Lalli, Mamu whatever they may call them, you must honor them of their effort and kindness to your kids. Even if they are old enough to do things around, we must respect them because once and for all, they had been our fortress when we are about to fall, our mother and the grandmother of our kids.