Blue Monday # 8: Ice Cream

Last Friday was the farewell school party of my little teapot for summer class. It was the last day of their summer class so the teacher suggested for a party for the kids. It was not my little teapot’s birthday but it was the first party she ever attended at school and we are looking forward for many school parties she will attend in the future.

My little teapot enjoying her ice cream that was given to her by her teacher

My baby posed for me  after eating her favorite ice cream

Blue table as the background as my entry for:

Smiling Sally

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7 Responses to “Blue Monday # 8: Ice Cream”

  1. Sally says:

    What a kind teacher. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  2. chubskulit says:

    Love F’s tea pot screen name hehehe.. She’s so cute Anne.

  3. Kim,USA says:

    I like the way you called her little tea pot ^_^
    Thanks for dropping by!

    Indigo bunting

  4. LaVoice says:

    It does not matter if it was her party or not. She definitely enjoyed it.

  5. clavs says:

    Happy BM! sorry for the late visit. mine is here sis! :

  6. vernz says:

    hehehe.. cute nga ang teapot hehehe … thanks ann for the drop…

  7. genny says:

    panghatag faith..wahhhhh

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