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To Cry, To Be Hurt and To Learn

When you love someone, expect to feel happiness that you thought it is but forever. But sometimes when you love someone you couldn’t avoid to get hurt no matter how we take good care of our love to this person because there are times that the person we love, that the person we thought is our knight in shining armor turns to be the person who would only teach us to be strong and to help us to find the right person. It is sad to know that this person, whom we love now is not the one for us.

It is not always easy to let go because the wound that this man marks in our heart is giving so much pain in us but the only way to forget the pain is to accept the fact that he is no longer with us. I know the feeling of being rejected, I know that you even asked yourself why it has to be you, nonetheless, this is the only way that sometimes to be able for us to be with the man of our dreams are first to cry, to be hurt, and to learn.

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