SOOC Saturday # 4: Proud

My husband does not live here with us; he is at the other country to work. Thus, when I asked him if he could identify our daughter in the picture, he pointed the wrong kid. LOL! Oh well, even my niece told me that my daughter doesn’t like my daughter anymore, instead she looks like a boy because of her tan skin.

Actually, all of them are so dark because of their training in the morning. Their training starts at 9:00 a.m., and would end at 12:00 noon. But if you would asked my daughter of her dark skin, she would always say “oh well, I must be proud of it because of it I know my capabilities for swimming and I know my speed especially when I am doing the butterfly stroke” And I am so proud of her for doing a good job!

SOOC Saturday

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  1. Great pic! I was on the swimming team for many years when I was younger too!

  2. genny says:

    go go go MJ….way to go…ako pud wala kaila.wahhhhhhh

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