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PR 2!

I am so happy to find out that my page rank goes not only 1 but 2. Oh yes, this blog has a PR2 now, and not only this blog but all of my blogs.

My Daily Mumbles is now PR1

SAHM’s Online Diary is now PR1

Anne’s Sweet Life is now PR1

Now this is the official proof of my PR2 for this blog:

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While, all my blogs in wordpress got its new PR, Mary Anne’s Musings and My Little Home still begging for one, I hope Mr. G would give his full attention to these blogs, sigh!

Blue Monday # 12: Wonderland

This is usually the scene when the two goes to wonderland, they don’t seem to care for each other anymore, each one was so busy including me, because I keep on taking some pictures of them. LOL

Anyway, do you notice some blue in the picture?

Smiling Sally

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Who Knows?

I knew it, it was her but who knows?

This is the continuation of my post here.

Some good citizen was able to report what happen to the kid, and so the family was investigated, it has been found that the kid got not only bruises on her body but a fractured teeth and one big impact on her head. When the husband, the uncle of the kid was asked again, he said that yeah his wife used to hit the kid. I am not sure if there is a foul play, but I hope that whoever did that to the victim will be put in jail. It has been said that after the burial, that the aunt of the child will possibly put in jail.

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When you see some bruises to your nieces, nephews, or kids, what will you do? Would you ever wonder? Would you would ask the kid what happen to him or her, or where did the bruises came from, or who did that to him or her? What if the kid won’t answer, will you just ignore it because the kid did not care to answer you. Would you even care to send him or her to the hospital immediately; do you ever think that the bruises might be cause of his or her death?

Now, you will not undergo the kid to an autopsy, why? Is there something you are hiding that might result of an expose? Poor kid, she was not able to fight back or to depend herself because she is just a kid who is not that strong when the one who attack her is stronger than she is or even bigger than she is or even older than she is. Whoever did this to her, if the culprit is able to escape the law, yet he or she will not be able to escape the law of GOD. Somehow she or he must pay what he or she has done.

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