Justice is on our side

I already had deleted my spams and my trash folder in all my blogs but I still keep on receiving an email notification that my disc usage is almost full. Thank goodness that Genny enlightened me of that and that I don’t have to worry about it because it will back to zero sooner or later, I should not do anything for it and that I just have to wait.

Today was a bit busy for me and Mj, they are already back to training since yesterday. Since their class did not start yet, she and her team mates will start their training at 3:00 p.m. today, while me and the two mommies went to our lawyer for our demand from the previous club. So far, the justice is on our side, I know it was just a small amount but this person should learn that not all the people around him will just say yes to his demands and will just be tamed of what we found out. He should be grounded of his being mischievous and being fraud.

So this should served as a lesson to those who want to fool around, it is indeed not good to take advantage of what you know and just tell to the people that you have all the alas in going to the top. Because when they found out that you are just telling lies, watch out because those people whom you thought will just be silent, and whom you thought could not do anything, oh well, you wouldn’t know that these people will be the one to push you down.

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  1. Ma Belle says:

    hello momi. dli na mazero ang disk space usage. forever memory/archive (or unsa term ana) na sa imong blogs na gihost sa imong cpanel. ang mobalik ug zero kada bulan ang blog traffic/bandwidth nimo. pero ang disk space, the more things na imong ipost sa imong blog, the more loaded pud imong cpanel. pero tipid2x naman ka karon, so siguro molongtad ug dugay imong disk space storage.

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