Blue Monday # 11: Dancing Jelly Fish

This is the jelly fish dancing in Manila Ocean Park, it would change it color according to the color of the lights. I was able to capture my friend with a blue color in the back ground.

And when it was my turn, the color just immediately change and it turned to somewhat red.

Smiling Sally

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8 Responses to “Blue Monday # 11: Dancing Jelly Fish”

  1. Vhen says:

    wow, nice! gusto ko din maexperience yan hehehe..

    thanks for the visit 😉

  2. Christine says:

    Looks like fun!…Christine

  3. genny says:

    ni terno sa imohang suot ann…sige lang naa man blue nga braelet..waaaa

  4. Ayvee says:

    malingaw man ko sa imoha girl hehehe! perti gyud paka lipaya….niways lahi na sad ni nimo na blog? nice

  5. chubskulit says:

    Just beautiful!

    I played Blue Monday too, please come and see.

  6. Dhemz says:

    wow! pretty neat….:)