I overcome it

Since I bumped my car into our wall when I tried to park inside our gate, I already have a trauma, I feel like I could not control the steering wheel anymore, in short I lost my confidence in driving. Yet I still tried, I tried to drive my car the other day with my sister Merlyn on my side within the village. I totally lost my confidence but my friends keep on telling me that I should overcome it otherwise I could not drive anymore. I have even thought to hire a driver for me in which has be disagreed by friends and sisters because if that would be the case, I should not buy my car at all.

Anyway, I tried it today; I tried it without my sister in my side, only with the kids at the back. I told Mj to hold Faith tight, I started the engine okay but we were stuck for 15 minutes when there were two cars parked in front of me. I tried to turn but maybe I was lacking when I turned it right, so I have to move backward, I asked Mj to look if it was still ok to move backward, she cooperates, and even Faith, she was not moving or bothers me at all. She knows that Mama was really trying so hard, after a while I was able to turn the way it should be, we were able to reach at my sister’s house with my kids so behaved, Faith even said, thank GOD, when I finally made it.

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