If Only She Understands It More

When I worked as an administrative assistant from one of the construction firm here in our place, one of my assignments are to compute how much would be the tax of my office mates, I am not sure if this particular office mate  ever understand me or the computation when I told her she has to pay a certain amount and it has to be deducted on her salary. As we earned, it is our responsibility to pay for our tax but she never understand that, she thought she could escape from it. If she only knew that if she exceeds a certain amount she could make refunds from it at the end of the year. If she only understands what tax is for, maybe until now we are still friends since we really argued at that time.

Oh well, I could not blame her as well, like me she was also trying to budget her salary yet I know that our friendship will never be as before. I tried to explain everything tor her but she never listened to me yet I hope with her new work now since things has change, as we could already view our Refunds Status Online, she would not argue anymore whoever is the in charge of the company’s tax payments and refunds. I just hope that now she understands more the importance of tax to our country. Although we argued and fought because of that, I still miss that girl, she was a friend from high school and we have a lot of best moments together during that time. It was just ruined when she recommended me to work for the company she worked for, if only I knew that it would happen to us, I should have never applied or accepted the position for me to save our friendship.

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