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I am so Excited

I am so happy to know that one of my blogs will be having a make over soon, I can’t wait anymore. The layout artist messaged me this morning that my layout will be available next week. Good thing that I had my payday from the company I ever loved on time, I can’t contain my happiness when I found out this afternoon the earn I got from them. So I was also able to pay the layout artist earlier. I will not give you any details which one of my blogs will going to have a makeover, you will see that in the coming days and like you I am so excited.

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For Us To Survive

When I was still working in a night shift at the call center, it is so important for us to bring water at the call floor so if we had a lot of calls, our throat won’t dry answering all the inquiries, complaints and reschedule of the customers over the phone. I don’t drink much of water but during that time, I really have to bring one of my custom mugs full of water or it should have full with coffee or any drinks. One night, when I forgot to bring water, the next morning I didn’t have voice at all. So you see water is necessary for us every night to attend all the calls on the phone. And I have variety of mugs at home thus if I forget to bring that, I always have one extra in my locker.

Many companies that we served for, also have so many mugs giveaways, if we got a 100% quality calls. Our supervisor will give us personalized mugs, even though the prizes were only mugs, the happiness that we felt every time we get a 100% evaluation from our QA was priceless. Because that means that we performed our job very well, and that we deserve promotions or recommendations for any position. I didn’t aim for a higher positions before, a long stay in that company or be their regular employee was definitely enough for me.

Who wouldn’t want to stay in that kind of job when your salary is much bigger than of working day time? Yes, working in a night shift is not easy, but it compensates me enough to support my daughter who was only 6 years old that time. I was a single mom and so I need to drag myself to work at night to buy my daughter her basic needs everyday. I must love the job whether I like it or not because that was the only way we can survive.

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