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The Only Match

My headache kicked in so hard this afternoon; it feels like my head would crack in no time. So after I finished all my task here and the adgitizing, I hit the bed and took a nap. When I woke up, it was still the same; I even transferred to our couch and tried to get some sleep. It was still the same; I transferred back and forth to the living room then to the bedroom then to the couch then back to the bedroom, until I heard the ice cream vendor. I called my sister and asked her to buy one, so even it is raining today and a bit cold, I still feels like I want to have some taste of an ice cream.

To my surprise after munching 3 scopes for an ice cream, my headache just gone and I am so happy, so this is only the match of a very bad headache. I don’t need paracetamol but an ice cream, sweet, cold and yummy!