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Blue Monday # 16: The Sea Lion Show

When we went to Manila last month, one place we visited was the Ocean Park and we grabbed the opportunity to watch the Sea Lions Show. For a first timer like me, it was so cool but they said it is too way behind of what they saw at Hongkong Disneyland, they have a lot of tricks and the show was really a blast compared to one what we have just seen. Well, at least we still had fun though.

Smiling Sally

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Massage For Hire

I definitely need a massage right now, my muscle is sore and my body is in pain. This was because of lifting things yesterday, yes I lift our bed because I had to remove the dust and broom all the stuff that’s in there, like toys, papers, and the like. I was still disappointed with my eldest daughter this time though so I didn’t ask for her help yet, my youngest daughter was so busy with her stuff in front of the computer. She just stopped because the foam of our bed moved a bit, to where she was seated when I lean it on the swivel chair; she was like “uh uh” Ma! So I told her to go out yet, while I am fixing things in our room. Our bed is so heavy, and so as the foam but thanks GOD I did it. And now this is the price of doing a general cleaning yesterday because my whole body got sore and I so want to have a massage right at this very moment, my husband suggested to take a shower, but I already did and still it is not gone. It has been a while since I didn’t went to a massage parlor so I guess this is just the right time, it is one way to compensate myself for doing a good deed yesterday.