Massage For Hire

I definitely need a massage right now, my muscle is sore and my body is in pain. This was because of lifting things yesterday, yes I lift our bed because I had to remove the dust and broom all the stuff that’s in there, like toys, papers, and the like. I was still disappointed with my eldest daughter this time though so I didn’t ask for her help yet, my youngest daughter was so busy with her stuff in front of the computer. She just stopped because the foam of our bed moved a bit, to where she was seated when I lean it on the swivel chair; she was like “uh uh” Ma! So I told her to go out yet, while I am fixing things in our room. Our bed is so heavy, and so as the foam but thanks GOD I did it. And now this is the price of doing a general cleaning yesterday because my whole body got sore and I so want to have a massage right at this very moment, my husband suggested to take a shower, but I already did and still it is not gone. It has been a while since I didn’t went to a massage parlor so I guess this is just the right time, it is one way to compensate myself for doing a good deed yesterday.

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