No Excuse This Time

She has been calling me over the phone to tell me that she left her lunch pack or lost her money and she could do nothing about it. Good thing, I always have my sister and she is the one who went there at school, while I attended Faith or done my things here at home. Lately, she has been telling me about her project at school and she needed to buy 2 cans of condensed milk, I have her bought it early in the morning at the store nearby, when I prepared her breakfast. Only then that I found out she left it at the table and she called me over the phone to inform that I have to go to her school immediately. I was so mad, no one was left here for Faith, and she was still sleeping at that time, I guess she needs to be learn this time. So I told her, I can’t go and this time she don’t have to tell me any excuses because I reminded her number of times if she had left any before she went out to her carpool. I guess whatever the consequences; she desperately has to learn that not all the times I am ready for her.

When she went home that afternoon, I asked her about their program at school, and does she still have any points since she did not bring any for her group, she then told me, she helped as she could just to get the points she needed for that subject. The teacher saw her participation for the group and she still gave her enough for that subject, now she said she will never do that again, and that she would check all her things this time before she heads out.

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