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My Recent Collections

These were my recent books collection, actually these were the only left because some of my books were borrowed and never returned even my Twilight Saga! Sigh! When we don’t let them borrowed they would tell us we don’t share the things that we have or we are not generous to them.

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Towing Services

One day, when I practiced driving, all a sudden, the engine did not start. I could see the smoke everywhere inside my car, I tried it again and thus it starts. I immediately drive down to the nearest gasoline station to check what’s going on, we found out that the mini relay did not function and that affects the fan blade, which explains why the engine smokes. Thank God I did not need somebody to tow my car; otherwise I’ll be in trouble. There are many shops we could call for towing but the question is how fast they could come up to you to two your car. Towing Atlanta, for that note, is the most dependable towing company I have ever heard, you won’t wait any longer for somebody to come to help you because they are fast. Their service is a 100% satisfaction, so you are worry less when your car breaks down, they can handle whatever the situation is. You can leave your car and go to your appointment right away because you know that your car is in good hands.

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My adgitize is expired, sigh! I wanted to advertise again but my funds are too tight right now. So I guess I just have to wait when my funds in PayPal gets visible again. I hope it would the soonest possible time.

Yesterday, the mechanic messaged me that the headlight I bought for my car does not fit, thus, I have to go back at the store to change it, I hope they will change it; otherwise, I’ll be stuck. I have so many things I need to do today offline, I have to settle the headlight (duh!), I have to go to my dentist, and I guess I have to see my sister to talk about what we are going to do with my Dad’s remain.

How I wish, I can just be resting.

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