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With what is happening right now to our  environment nowadays, we need a government agency that establish green environment technology. Just like what KEITI is doing right now, Korea Environmental Technology and Institute or KEITI is a governmental agency institute that promotes quality of life as well as boosting up the development and supply of green technology and green product which is the center of green growth. One of their many projects are as follows:

  • Eco-Technopia 21 Project,
  • the Soil Pollution Diffusion Prevention Project
  • the Environmental Business Export Assistance
  • Environmental Expert Nurturing Project
  • the New Excellent Technology Certification & Verification
  • and Korea National Environmental Information Center

They are also promoting to induce the national industry and society to give support for production and consumption system. They are doing their best to be a leading organization by promoting the innovation of green technology in the world where high technology is fast pacing.

To know more about KEITI, please visit

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So why not grab this opportunity, you only can’t benefits out of the product but you can also help to promote the projects for development of green environment technology. Visit Ecotrade  by clicking the link

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