I just put a google plus in this blog, I am not sure if what stores for me with this search engine. This reminds me of the Networked Blogs and making of page in FB, I just go on with the flow but I don’t really know what leads me to it. Although it helped me, promoting my blog even I did not really tried so hard to promote it. It just there, waiting to be seen, I am not even sure if somebody cared enough to look for my updates. Anyway, due to some issues the other day, my friend and I decided to delete it in our blogs, I wanted to go back but I am not sure when. And so this google plus was introduced, I put the code immediately, and like the FB likes page and the networked blogs, this badge is waiting for your attention to at least add yourself in the badge if you please? Can you? Just tell me so I can add myself to your blog as well, I am waiting.

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