Display Adapter Issue For Windows 7

When I learned that a virus infected my OS, I didn’t had any doubts to replace it. So my brother-in-law, offered the Windows 7 ultimate, only then I realized that the resolution was not good enough but they have figured it out. They downloaded a driver and so it worked, when I went home, I found this:

During start up, the monitor tends to green that’s my background anyway but that thing is, the icons were all gone. And that fuzzy thing remains if you won’t pressed the power button off to get back to this:

What I did so I won’t be having a start up problem was to disable the display adapter the Nvidia GeForce and just enable it when I am already there, where you can display all the icons.

I know, it takes awhile and I guess it is not good to disable and enable it after, everyday. Until my husband gave me a link that could help me but to my disappointment, it just worsens my problem, I totally lost the NVIDIA; I deleted it from my program. So I got the biggest resolution ever and I could not even edit it.

Anyway, I got that resolve and in my next post would be the tutorial of how I was able to find the solution.

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