Blue Monday # 18: Diving Board

These are the swimmers waiting for their turn to swim at the MILO Swimming Competition last summer. My daughter was so nervous to even step on the diving board during practice but she overcomes it. Only she found out that the diving board could never be used during competition because they just swim vertically (25 meters) and not horizontal (50 meters). The diving board is position for 50 meters pool.

Smiling Sally

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8 Responses to “Blue Monday # 18: Diving Board”

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first link-up with Blue Monday. How old is your daughter who swims?

  2. LaVoice says:

    The only way to overcome her fear, would shut her eyes and go for it. I could not do it either.

  3. jeanne says:

    Awwwww, I hope her swim went well. I think competition swimming is tough but very satisfying. Best of luck.

  4. eden says:

    Glad she overcome it and what a relief for her. Well done, MJ being in the Milo Swimming Compettion.

  5. chiewilks says:

    ka-nice sa diving board..haven’t tried boarding on a diving board..cguro ang galing na lumangoy ni MJ

  6. genny says:

    it is my dream to be on top of that diving board and swim.sigh! dreams nalng ta ani.wahh!

  7. hay Gen, kung ambak lang noon kya-kaya na, pila ray ambak, pero dive, ayaw na lang…hehehe

    susanne, maayo unta successful si MJ sa iyang swimming career no? Pray lang ta ani. hehe.

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