We’re Planning To Travel

LOL, I could not imagine traveling outside the country it is not because I don’t like but it is because I don’t have a friend to accompany me. Good thing that one of my friends from the club is a travel geek, and she wanted to go with me, we were planning to travel in Singapore, she is actually asked me to look for a cheap ticket going there so we can book it in advance, our plan is to travel next year. But I was thinking, what if we could go to Australia instead, since I and my husband is planning to look for a house out there, I supposed to go there last March, my friend from there is willing to help me with some papers for us to get there as tourist but the thing is I don’t have someone with me to accompany me on that trip. I don’t like to bug my friend out there since she also have a family to attend to, I know she won’t mind it but ya know I am just so shy to ask for her time when I am there. Anyway, I hope this plan will be pursue, and if ever it will happen, that will be my first grand vacation ever!

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