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I had given a task yesterday and the location where I will post the link is the homepage, I was confused so I inquire the FBU, hoping I could get an answer from there. And after like how many minutes of posting my question another one has explained and there’s the other. So I put the links in my sidebar since there’s one who said the side bar is included but it depends. As I was already in a hurry I still put it in the sidebar, early this morning, one clarified but maybe it should be on the first page or homepage of my blog, as I was on my way to edit it. I found out it in my dashboard, that the task that was given to me was approved so I guess sidebar and homepage is the same or it depends. Yay! I am still confused, hehehe!

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8 Web Sites Every Filmmaker Should Bookmark

There are many web sites out there that can help filmmakers at all stages of their careers. Whether you need to learn the essentials of being a great and successful filmmaker or if you just wish to keep updated with the latest information on this front, you need to follow the right web sites. Here are 8 web sites every filmmaker should bookmark and what you can expect to find on these web sites.

Filmmaking Advice

These web sites can give you advice on filmmaking, a topic that will not have its content exhausted anytime soon. There are so many artful touches and practical considerations when it comes to filmmaking that you could spend a lifetime learning about the art of filmmaking and still have many more lifetimes of knowledge left to discover. These web sites can help you to start to make some small dent in all that there is to learn about filmmaking.

Information On New Film Releases

To keep track of what is coming out in the world of film, you can turn to these web sites and learn about new film releases. You can see what films are being released by larger companies and which ones are making it through production solely because of the determination of ambitious filmmakers. You can keep your finger on the pulse of filmmaking by seeing what is coming out on film currently.

Information About Film Festivals

Instead of just hearing about what films are coming out, you can seek out opportunities to see these films for yourself at the various film festivals that are held around the world. You can see what films are being lauded and which are facing ruthless criticism just to get an idea for how films are being received at this point in time. You can also make yourself aware of these film festivals should you ever want to attempt to get your own works screened at them.

General Film News

These sites can sometimes provide general film news as well. At times this news will help you to become a better filmmaker and at other times it will just prove entertaining. The world of film is a broad arena where many great stories play out on and off screen and every filmmaker should make a concerted effort to keep up with these stories as they play out.

Commentaries On The Current State Of Films and Filmmaking

Commentaries on the current state of films and filmmaking can give you insight into how both are perceived. This can help you to see your craft in a new way and to understand what others think of what you do. Whether you agree with these commentaries or not, when you are a filmmaker you need to be concerned with how people see what you create.

Environmentally Friendly Filmmaking

Finally, you can learn about making movies in an environmentally friendly way. This is a newer concern in filmmaking but one that is growing in popularity. Every filmmaker should know about it.

8 Web Sites Every Filmmaker Should Bookmark

1. Filmmaker Magazine
3. The Digital Filmmaker
4. Filmmaking Stuff
5. Filmmakers Collaborative
6. Filmakers Library
8. Filmmakers for Conservation

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