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I had given a task yesterday and the location where I will post the link is the homepage, I was confused so I inquire the FBU, hoping I could get an answer from there. And after like how many minutes of posting my question another one has explained and there’s the other. So I put the links in my sidebar since there’s one who said the side bar is included but it depends. As I was already in a hurry I still put it in the sidebar, early this morning, one clarified but maybe it should be on the first page or homepage of my blog, as I was on my way to edit it. I found out it in my dashboard, that the task that was given to me was approved so I guess sidebar and homepage is the same or it depends. Yay! I am still confused, hehehe!

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  1. Hyanne says:

    Hehe, confusing talaga. Basta ang homepage ate eh kahit ano iclick mo at every load ng blog mo eh makikita mo xa, sa sidebar, footer or header mo pa ilagay..lol

  2. yogi143 says:

    hello? how are you today?

    just visiting your blog today (^_^) I hope you can visit mine too . . .

    anyway, can we exchange links? just update me if you want and I will add you then (^_^)


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