Laws and Case

Does men tends to lie because they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the woman they loved or they just lie because they wanted to just play a game that sometimes women doesn’t seem to notice. They noticed but they choose to be blind. And when everything is beyond their control anymore, the secrets blew up and the one that hurts so much is the girl. The worst thing is that there is already the baby involved.

I am not sure what to advise to my friend when she said she is pursuing to file a case against the father of her son, she was only 7 months pregnant when she learned that guy whom she loved adoringly is already married. But then she still forgives him and she agreed for allotment to her baby every month. It was okay at first but the guy slowly stop sending her the support for the next few months, she has been waiting, trying so hard to give him a chance but it seems like the guy doesn’t care at all. So she filed a case against him, the guy showed up to tell her she should stop the case otherwise his wife will file a case of adultery. I don’t have a knowledge about it but I hope my friend will get through with this, the baby has the right to claim his right after all and he needs the support of his father since my friend doesn’t have a job for now.

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