Received My PIN But…

I was so happy to receive my microworkers pin today, and immediately I encoded the pin to my account so I can withdraw the money I have worked hard on that site. When I started to withdraw my earnings, I found out that it doesn’t have a paypal option so I asked my friend who already tried to withdraw from their site using the paypal account. She was surprised that she can’t withdraw anymore because the paypal has been disabled, she inquires that to the forum she joined and yes they said the paypal was already disabled in their site and the only method to choose from is the money bookers and alert pay and I don’t know that works. I am so disappointment, I feel like a pale of water was thrown on me. If any of you who had the same problem, can you tell me how did you withdraw your money from microworkers and if that method is available here in the Philippines? Sigh, I desperately needed some money right now and these things happen.

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  1. Mona says:

    whaaaat???? is this true? Oh no.. i think 3-4 times that i received payment from them using paypal. I hope this one is not true because its hard to get the money in alertpay =(

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