No Class For One Week

My daughter will have no class for one week to give way for their school foundation day. Yesterday, they opened the program with a blast; I had so much fun looking at the kids wearing colorful costumes. Even though I was so tired trying to assist the teacher and redesigning the costume of Mj. It was paid off because the presentation of each group was so wonderful. In some way, it relieved my stress especially when the parents of the kindergarten danced with all their might, it was amazing to see them showing their talents for their little toddlers, oh well they have to because there will be additional points for their kids performance at school if they participate. Good thing my daughter is not in kindergarten anymore, so we are exempted. So we are all resting for one week, except for her Kumon and training, Faith still needs to go to school but let’s see I hope her colds will be gone by tomorrow.

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