Addicted Once Again

I thought I couldn’t go out today to fetch my daughter at school and send her to training because I was too withdrawn with her Nintendo XL, it was a Mario racing car and you bet I really enjoyed playing it. My youngest daughter was just contented with watching me playing the Nintendo, my husband and I agreed not to let her have it because she tends to drop it and we don’t want for another Nintendo to be damage, she already broke the pink one and we can’t already afford to see a new one broken. Good thing, I keep on asking my sister Merlyn about the time and then I got up from bed at 3:30 p.m. to prepare myself, I got the Nintendo with me so I still have time to play with it on our way to the pool. My daughter is prohibited to use during school days so I have the Nintendo all the time. Now I am becoming an addict, so I must rest myself for a moment and eat Ice cream with some parents, geez!

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