Saturday 9: Money Grabber

1. Has anyone ever intentionally ripped you off? Or perhaps unintentionally?


2. When was the last time that you made a quip that fell completely flat and embarrassed you?

If that embarrassed me I should never remember it

3. When you go to sleep, does it you need to be absolutely quiet or do you need a little noise (radio, TV, music or white)?

I prefer quiet

4. Do you have a memorable “ripped clothing” moment in your life? No? How about in someone else’s? (Come on, you know you have something to contribute!)

Waaahh, I really don’t have something to contribute. LOL

5. What’s changed on your blog since its inception? …a redo? …a change of pace? …or is it still business as usual?

Business as usual

6. Can you remember where you were in life ten years ago? If you could travel back in time and whisper something to yourself ten years ago, what would it be?

I should not fell in love with the wrong man

7. Okay, let’s have it! What’s the craziest, most impulsive thing you’ve ever done?


8. If you were having a bad day what or who would you turn to for comfort?


9. According to the song White Rabbit, “one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small”. If you were offered these pills today, which pill would you take and where would it take you?

The pill that makes me larger

One Response to “Saturday 9: Money Grabber”

  1. Candy says:

    Happy Saturday
    Great answers.
    I also chose the larger pill…
    not exactly sure why

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