The Biggest Crocodile

I was so amazed with the news I just heard about the biggest crocodile that was found in Agusan del Sur, it was so huge, the biggest crocodile in the whole world, the crocodile beat the one that was in the Guinness Book of Records last year. I thought they killed it but nope, they let it live, it said that there’s still another one hiding somewhere in that in the creek and that would might create problem. It sizes is said to be 20 foot or 6.1 meter and its weight is equal to 1,075 kgm, they name the crocodile after Lolong, a researcher who died when they tried to trapped the crocodile. Lolong was put in the Ecotourism Park.

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  1. Mona says:

    would like to see that biggest crocodile =) visiting from my fashion blog.

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