Wrong Information

My sister and I went out today to go to the agency to settle the interment fee of my Dad. I had been talking about this for a month and I am so excited because I was able to pay for it out of my earnings. My sister told me that we should pay it this week or today, which is Friday because they will have an increase by next week. I supposed to pay for it the other day; I’d been calling my sister to accompany me there since the title was on her name. But she was so busy with her newly put up business, they have purchased a printing machine and their full attention was needed in the office. I was confident we can still make it before the day they would increase the fee for the interment because my sister has been there in their office to ask for the title and on that day she was told that they will have an increase of payment next week, the in-charge also told her that we can still pay for it on Friday, which is today so we will be no longer affected with the increase.

But to our surprise the in-charge inform us that she told my sister wrong information the other day. She said her boss told her that even we pay the interment fee today, we are still affected with the increase and thus we need to pay P13, 500 instead of P11, 000. I was stunned with how she was relax while saying that to us, so my sister told her to give us a favor. She talked to her boss and her boss just informed us to settle the requirement right away and submit it today. We were panicked, I mean how could we settle the requirements in one day, the LCR will definitely release the death certificate by next day if we request it this afternoon. We asked again if they could adjust the date since we are going to pay the interment today and not on Monday and why it would affect us while the increase is effective on Monday yet. She said it was their requirement as I was starting to get pissed off, I told the lady you know what if you just did not tell us a wrong information, we already paid that the other day, it is just we got too busy and we’re not able to make it here, we depended on what you said to us the other day that’s why we are here today and not the other day. And she was silence, it was definitely all her fault and I can’t just be silent about it because she needs to be corrected.

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