Absolutely, Not My Lost

It is just sad to say that the friends whom you ought to know for like 2 years would suddenly ignore you anymore. We were friends since the summer of last year started, our kids were buddies in swimming, wherever her daughter go, Mj will join her. We even agreed before that if they would continue there training in the same club, she just have to tell me and we will join as well.

The other day, my friends from the club and I went to the elimination for DACS for the swimming event, Mj’s school is not registered in DACS so we are exempted, same as with her teammates. I glance with this friend yet she seems like she doesn’t know me at all. Thus, I did not go to where she was seated and I just continued the chats with some other parents there. I didn’t expect that when their coach would tell them to ignore us even we’re close, she just follow because someone has said so. Too bad, oh well, it is not my lost but her’s. Or maybe their coach has give them potion so they would stick with him even he is a swindler, a fraud, and a user.

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