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They Made It Again!

I would like to greet the teammates of Mj for the competition yesterday.

Josiah – for being the MVP of the year

The following also got medals for their event; I am just not sure what place they are in. Since their coach just message me that they received an award for the said competition.


And for all the Davao Sea Lions Swim Club swimmers, congratulations! Too bad Mj was not able to join the competition, better luck next time then.

For My Next Birthday

Well I want to have a party for my next birthday and have been looking for a venue. My birthday is only a month away and I am looking forward to planning, where to go and what to eat. One thing I want to do is design my own invitation. I like the idea of being able to print invitations myself instead of ordering ones that are pre made. I have lots of ideas and can lay out the design and just print the one I like best. The girls will think it is fun if I put my picture on it, but knowing them, they will want theirs on it too.

Friends I Can Always Count For

I am just so happy to know that there are some friends who would always there for me no matter what. When Mj was admitted in the hospital, Tatang and Joyce lend me some money I could use for the deposit during admission. I was so touch with their gestures, not only that, the son of Tatang was the one who drive us from Woodridge to the hospital since I don’t think I can still drive; I was already shaking when Mj was in pain. If only I could take the pain away that instant or if only I can put the pain in me, I already did that. But these friends make me feel like everything will be okay and that they’re just there willing to give a hand. Thank you Tatang and Joyce for the gestures and also Lulu for the support.

Some Swishers

My husband does not smoke but his friend Jerry love cigars. So when we give a gift to Jerry it is either going to be a bottle of scotch or a box of cigars. Well, Jerry’s birthday is approaching and since we got him a bottle of single malt scotch last time, it is time for the box of cigars. We have gotten him a variety of cigars in the past, even some from the Philippines, but this time we are thinking of getting him some swishers. He really enjoys smoking a cigar now and then and this time we want to get him something that is a bit more aromatic.