All Set For A Business

When friends started to talk, expect them to have varieties of topics and it will be endless. I was already sleeping last night when my magic jack phone rang, I answered it and it was my BFF from Texas. She called me to know the whereabouts of my daughter who has been hospitalized for two days. That topic leads to our kids’ improvements at school, the swimming of my daughter and a business. Her idea was to buy some clothes in the states and sale it here; my idea is a restaurant with a perfect location where it could be visible to any different kind of people. Restaurant System is also a must when putting up a business like this, as the owner I should be “hands on” in everything, from the cashier, the staffs, foods to serve and the accounting. I know accounting so I guess I’ll have to focus on that yet I have to hire the best chef in town if ever. On the second thought, since my brother-in-law knows how to cook and all his foods taste great, maybe I will have to hire him or ask him to enroll in a culinary arts to know what other recipes that he needs to cook and the tips to make it so delectable, then I am all set.

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