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It Is Hard To Budget

You may won’t believe it but it is indeed hard to budget, yesterday my husband just wired me money and out of the money he send, I just bought face towel and handkerchiefs and some vitamins yet I only have few right now. It could not even support us when I have to go travel tomorrow. I don’t go out with friends anymore and yet I am still struggling to at least save some. I am so disappointed with myself, I tell you I didn’t shop for myself but how can I spend too much? I really need to look for a job, so at least I can help with my expenses here. I know so well that my husband has been working so hard to just send us some money but really I am not wasting it, I am trying to save up but sometimes it is really hard to budget.

Equipment Leasing

In today’s economy crisis, retrenchments in companies are already become rampant. Many workers lost their jobs because of bankruptcy and that they need to cut off expenses. Some workers are turning to start a business, for instance, I; myself is trying to make my micro finance business works. But the income that we incurred on that business was not even enough for my daily fare during collections. Somebody introduced me an equipment leasing kind of business but I don’t know how does it work. He said it is profitable especially if you consult for a reliable source, you will never go wrong. I hope to know more about that though but of course I still have to ask my husband’s permission and his opinions regarding with this business. It is so new to me but I admit it is interesting.