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The Receiving Area At The Clubhouse

So when you get to the entrance of the Woodridge, where the venue of the training of my daughter was always held. These pictures would welcome you in the reception area.


The giant kamatayan as we called it


The Tikbalang


And these ghosts on the air


Their receiving area also were full of web.

They will be having a trick and treat on October 31, 2011 inside the subdivision. We planned to join but we canceled it since we all be going to the farm of our friend. Happy Halloween!

Time is Important

I like stylish watches but I also want them to be durable and accurate. Style without accuracy and durability is just a waste of money. I am busy driving my two daughters to school and to their activities, so it is important that I keep track of time. Some watches like the titanium watches are stylish and durable; they make great presents (hint for my husband). For me being on time is important, I do not want my eldest daughter to be late for her swimming practice, school or tutoring and my little one for pre-school. My time is important and I need to monitor it or before I know it, I will run out of time to do the things that I need to get done.

The Real Banana

I am here at the restaurant with my niece and my daughter, we are eating our lunch when I noticed the paper mat they placed on our table. It has trivia about real banana, it said that the tree of it is a fruit that must be cooked before eating, it has the color green, brown and this one would really amazed you, it even has seeds. The original banana is a cultivar used as a food and a source of fiber, which is true because Mj’s coach would always, advised her to eat banana to avoid cramps. It quoted as well that the banana today is a result of a genetic mutation that evolved into a staple food of our society. The yellow bananas that we eat today are a cross between the green and the red banana tree and this cross is sterile since there’s a lack of seeds in the banana.

It is a Must

Now that I know how to drive a car, I always want to try to drive in a van or RV cars. My husband has been planning to buy one for us but I guess we have to think over first to apply for 5th wheel insurance so if there’s something unexpected to happen, we have insurance we can depend on. When I got this car of mine, I did not apply for insurance right away so when I had a minor accident few months back, I didn’t realize it cost me so much for repair and stuff. Now before buying an RV, insurance is a must to apply.